December 21, 2009

No need to de-friend on Facebook with Death Star app

Facebook brand apps keep getting better, with Adidas taking things a step further with an immersive Star Wars experience which smartly conflates elements of your Facebook friends, Google’s Street View and the movie itself.

Using Facebook Connect, the app enables users to target a friend’s location using Street View, before zapping them into oblivion. The lazer scorches the Earth with the Adidas logo and then reveals a Star Wars collection will be hitting stores in January.

It’s easy to use and fun. What’s more, the inclusion of real footage from the Star Wars movie gives the app a nice authentic touch and a great chance of being shared among friends on Facebook.

Last month, Sony tapped into the auto-tune meme with the auto-tune your status app using Facebook Connect. What’s great about these apps is that they enable users to engage their friends with something entertaining, which can leave you with positive feelings about the brand and perhaps even awareness of the new product they are promoting.

There’s more than one usage to be had with the Adidas Star Wars app as you can repeatedly select a number of different friends to be zapped. If you can tick the engagement, entertainment, and repeat usage boxes all at once, you’ve got the makings of a great brand app.

Separately, we like CP+B’s new job tracker board (seen below). Certainly looks more impressive than a white board and market pen.

Picture 2