August 18, 2020

New Work: The Business Plan For Peace

How do we solve conflict without war? 

Dr. Scilla Elworthy is on a mission to solve conflict without war, and we created the content for her groundbreaking new campaign, “A Business Plan for Peace”.

The 3 x Nobel Prize-nominated peace missionary’s groundbreaking new project combines 50 years of research with a financially costed plan for creating world peace, at around a hundredth of the cost that we spend on war each year. It’s hard to argue with Scilla’s logic, her methods are tried and tested, and we’re hugely honoured to have been able to help get her message out there with a goal of ramping up the next stage of the plan – scaling these tested techniques globally.

Scilla is founder of the Oxford Research Group which developed communications between the superpowers to bring about the end of the cold war. She has become a powerful influencer in the peace movement and served as an advisor to the setting up of Nelson Mandela’s organisation The Elders. 

The world might seem much darker with the coronavirus pandemic, terrorism and financial crisis amongst many other social and political issues. However, we have an opportunity to change things and create a more positive and progressive future.  

This movement has the skills, knowledge and has tried and tested strategies on how to prevent war and armed conflict. So far, these skills have prevented conflict in Northern Ireland, The Congo, Kenya and prevented over 200 suicide bombers in Pakistan.

The movement hopes to fundraise money to:

  • Scale the ‘architecture for peace’ to fragile states
  • Impact investment into SDG 16 peace
  • Enable NATO nations to budget for conflict prevention
  • Activate divestment out of weapons production

Want to help out? Find out how here: