November 6, 2019

NEW WORK: Talking Protest with George Monbiot

George Monbiot shares with us his thoughts about peaceful protests. Which have erupted across the world, highlighting why people are taking to the streets to show how they feel about government inaction around the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Monbiot talks to us about his newfound optimism surrounding activism, he discussed his admiration for groups such as Extinction Rebellion and the Youth Climate Strike and how the combination of the young and elders together creates hope.

He also discusses the role of the police and the effect of how these highly emotional protests could be effecting them personally, seeing past the authority and uniforms to uncover the human side to their story.

In 2017, George Monbiot won a prestigious SEAL Environmental Journalism Award for his work at the publication and at the October 2019 he joined Extinction Rebellion putting himself forward for arrest.

Other inspiring tidbits 

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