October 3, 2019

NEW WORK! Phil Kingston: The 83 Year Old Rebel

Badass Grandpa Strikes Back? Phil Kingston (now 83) engages in high stakes protesting on behalf of the planet’s future, armed with just a peanut butter sandwich. Watch below!

April 2019: Phil Kingston started protesting in his 50’s. Now at 83 he’s a seasoned pro, standing up for the world alongside a cheeky band of brave rebels. Watch as his determined actions take him from effervescent ground zero of the Extinction Rebellion movement (Oxford Circus) to a blistering finale reaching the worlds press, all with his inimitable electric humour and cheekiness.

But Phil’s story doesn’t stop when the credits roll. We are facing a climate emergency and have 11 years to turn back the tide before we fail and create irreversible damage to our planet. What will Phil do next? Keep your eyes peeled for Phils’ next exploits. 

Want to join in on Phil’s actions? Find out how here:

Want to know what Rubber Republic is doing to counter the Climate Crisis? Here is a handy guide on how we are helping to make a difference.

More inspiring tidbits!

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Another one from us; We spoke to Professor Colin Davis from the University of Bristol to share five thoughts on how to cope with the climate crisis. 

And to play us out, listen to Greta Thunberg’s full speech at Marble Arch in April (Look out for a cameo from Phil).

Goodbye for now!

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