September 16, 2020

NEW WORK: On Road Media & FrameWorks Institute

How can you talk about climate to make a difference? 

We teamed up with On Road Media to see how important, narrative and framing is to communicating the Climate Crisis. 

Supported by research from the Frameworks Institute and presented by Gillian Burke, we explored this idea by conducting a social experiment. We asked a collection of people, ‘do you think we can tackle climate change?’ twice but with slightly different wording. 

Firstly, talking about how well we have come together during COVID-19 and how Governments can help when they choose to. 

The second time we asked the question, we painted a more negative picture, of how leaders are failing us, how bad the climate crisis has become and how not enough is being done or quick enough. 

The results we got from using these two different nuances to communicate the question was staggering. The participants we prefaced the positive framing with, gave overwhelmingly positive views on how we can solve the climate change. On the other hand, those who we framed a negative version of the question gave very bleak views on the future of the Climate Crisis. 

It is staggering how different the responses we got between the two ways to frame the question were. If you are interested to learn more about how we can communicate the climate crisis, to bring about more productivity and positivity, check out this resource here.