September 5, 2019

NEW WORK: How Did You Learn To Be Creative with Ben Salisbury

How Did You Learn To Be Creative with Ben Salisbury 

After a short break, ‘How Did You Learn To Be Creative?’ returns and brings along musical mastermind Ben Salisbury for the ride! In this episode Ben talks creative collaboration with his professional partner Geoff Barrows, pretending to be in a 1970s prog rock band to create music for Ben Wheatley’s ‘Free Fire’ and the age old question who is better, Beck or Bach? 

Ben Salisbury is a world-renowned composer for TV and Film has worked on critically acclaimed work such as ‘Black Mirror’, ‘Annihilation’ and ‘Ex Machina’. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for his score for the film ‘Operation Dung Beetle’ and worked with Beyonce for her documentary ‘Life Is But A Dream’. He most recently scored the Amazon Prime show, Hanna. 

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