December 9, 2016

New work! Giant Star Wars AT-AT Garden Den (with Colin Furze, for eBay UK)

eBay UK wanted to celebrate the joy of gifting – and to show that it’s the ideal place to find the perfect present (however weird and wonderful that present might be).

So we teamed up with the brilliant Colin Furze (stuntman, inventor and YouTuber) to build a completely unique gift – and make one young Star Wars super-fan’s Christmas.

Cue much mysterious welding, hammering, sawing and drilling. 6 weeks later and Colin (with a little help from some friends) had constructed a giant replica of an AT-ACT Imperial Walker, straight out of Rogue One, in his back garden. Not only that, but the whole thing is a fully-functioning playhouse – complete with moveable head and jam-packed with Nerf guns, a games console and a bunch of Star Wars toys and merchandise (all bought from eBay, of course).

The finished AT-ACT den stands taller than Colin’s house and certainly makes quite an impression. And as fans of Star Wars, Colin Furze and, well, Christmas, we loved getting to work on this campaign and seeing the whole thing come together. Check it out: