April 26, 2021

New Work | Climate Live

Can you hear them yet? Young people have increasingly been voicing their concern about the Climate, and Climate Live is a worldwide concert for the climate featuring world-renowned artists, activists and scientists from over 40 countries. On the 24th of April 2021, the first edition of Climate Live ran virtually with a worldwide audience, topped off with a stunning set from Declan Mckenna. 

Climate Live’s mission is to engage a new audience and bring them into the climate movement. Through music, the event hopes to educate and challenge this new audience to take action on climate change and empower them to build pressure on world leaders before COP26 this November and be more ambitious to achieve the necessary 1.5c targets.

This impressive programme was organised by members of the Fridays For Future youth climate groups, and the journey of Climate Live doesn’t stop there. Plans are in motion for a further concert built on the back of the success of the April show. The next edition of Climate Live is to take place on October 16th. 

In support of the April event, we created a film to drive traffic towards Climate Live and build anticipation and momentum for the event. Check it out below:

If you would like to know more about Climate Live and rewatch the April event, check it out here: