February 26, 2013

NEW WORK – Audi RS ‘The Duel’

How can you better the rip-snorting fun to be had in an Audi RS4?

Mount paintball cannons on the bonnets and have a dogfight in a mothballed MOD fighter jet hangar, that’s how.

Corwin could not believe his luck when Audi UK green lit ‘The Duel’ and allowed us to modify their blisteringly powerful 2013 RS4 Avants with machine guns, paint slicks and paint grenades.

The two drivers, Jim and Colin, are arguably the most experienced stuntmen in the UK and have doubled for Luke Skywalker and Stormtroopers in the original Star Wars films. You can meet them here.

The film which launches on YouTube today was as much fun* to make as we hope it will be to watch.

[ *NB: cleaning up an aircraft hanger covered in paint is not so fun ;-7 ]