October 2, 2013

[NEW WORK] Audi RS 6 & scrambled eggs

This morning we launched our latest instalment in #AudiDuel series for Audi UK. Everything about ‘Man vs Machine’ is bigger than its predecessor , not least the 2013 RS 6 Avant; the fastest estate car available in the UK.

Put ex-Stig / 007 stunt driver, Ben Collins, behind the wheel and get him to battle it out with YouTube phenomenon Damien Walters in an epic egg fight and hopefully the viewer enjoys watching it as much as we did making it.

Massive thanks to all involved, and special mentions to Steve @ MGM for his patience; Ben & Damien for being legends and Mrs Fletcher for providing the initial inspiration.

If you want to put an questions to Ben about this or anything at all he will be doing a Reddit IAmA this Monday 7th October (Time – TBC)