February 21, 2019

New Work Alert! Junk Food Wine Pairing

McDonald’s french fries are the greatest fries on earth, and I will fight you to the sweet, starchy, carb death if you say otherwise. There’s no greater pleasure on earth than dipping one of those bad boys into the garlicky juice of a pan of moules marinières and washing it down with a glug of Sancerre to make you feel like you’re doing something absolutely filthy. Try it, you’ll never look back.

Our latest studio film “Junk Food Wine Pairing” was born from a desire to leave food snobbery in the bin where it belongs and treat the most maligned food on earth with a bit more love and tenderness. The script was written as a love letter to late night beer-fuelled food choices and is the antidote to the ‘wellness’ and ‘clean eating’ fad that swept Instagram a few years ago.

Sorry, but you won’t find an avocado in sight here, just deep-fried Mars bars and lashings of chemically enhanced tartare sauce. 

Give it a watch below.

There are so many charged debates around food right now. From the legitimate and passionate arguments around the sustainability of the food industry to accusations of classism that plague the taxation of white bread and hot pasties. The aim of our film is not to malign, mock or silence those voices, but celebrate the joy of food in all its forms.

The shoot itself was a delight and absolutely nothing we filmed went to waste, in fact, our producer deftly polished off the leftover kebab meat with such skill and precision you’d think he was a professional. Shortly afterwards he went vegetarian, but we’re lead to believe those two events are unrelated.

This film would not have been made possible without a few people that helped shape it. Thank you firstly to Alison Clarkson, a brilliant Bristol-based food stylist whose talents were possibly wasted on making chicken nuggets and ketchup look like they’d arrived from a Michelin level kitchen.

A huge thank you to Darren Willis at Grape & Grind on Gloucester Road, who helped us match and pick incredible wines to go with our junk food without batting an eyelid.

Thanks to Dave Mackie, a great Bristol based DOP for bringing his lighting expertise to a Filet-O-Fish and treating it like the sea queen that it is, and to Lawrence Bowden and Sam Wilkie for their editing prowess.

If you enjoyed the film and feel inspired to do some good in the world, why not consider getting in touch with your local food bank and finding out what they need and how you can help. The Trussell Trust is a fantastic organisation dedicated to stopping UK hunger and fighting food poverty and are always looking for donations and volunteers.

Find out more about how you can contribute here