July 11, 2019

NEW WORK: 5 Tips for Coping with the Climate Crisis with Professor Colin Davis

We got Colin Davis to share five thoughts about coping with the Climate Crisis including the power of the young and the old, people can deal with the existential guilt of climate emergency and can we find happiness within our communities’ collective grief? Watch below! 
In University of Bristol professor Colin Davis’s lifetime, 60% of the population of vertebrate animals have died and we have produced three-quarters of carbon dioxide ever produced. On the 17th December 2018, Colin was arrested in Bristol after tagging the Extinction Rebellion logo onto the front of the Environment Agency headquarters. A father of young children, Colin is stepping up to create change on behalf of future generations to slow down the damage which his generation has done. 
Colin applies his research in modelling the mind to create an understanding of the human side to our emotions surrounding the climate emergency. He has delivered impassioned talks to Bristol members of the Extinction Rebellion and is a key figurehead in the movement.
In April of this year, Colin was present at Oxford Circus to inform the crowd that the University of Bristol had declared a climate emergency!

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