August 9, 2007

New UK web usage stats- the important bits!

Internet usage in the United Kingdom is showing no signs of slowing down according to this report as the online population is said to be 63 percent of the total UK population (aged 15 and above) which equated to 31.7 million unique visitors in the month of June. The average member of the online population is also said to have spent an average of 35 hours surfing the web during that time.

There have also been significant increases in unique traffic in comparison to May, the most being seen in whose main program Firefox is the second most popular web browser behind Internet Explorer.‘s traffic increased by 39 percent likely to be caused by the launch of Big Brother 8 and their 4 On Demand service where you can watch their shows on your computer for free. Facebook also showed growth of 25% making it the fastest growing social network of June.

It’s also worth noting that Mozilla’s Firefox and Facebook are both open to users developing ‘widgets’ allowing full customisation and expansion, meaning their services are effectively constantly updated.