July 11, 2012

New ‘Republican’ needed

We’re looking for someone remarkable to join Rubber Republic’s expanding team.

If you are passionate about internet culture and spend an unhealthy amount of time in communities like Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter, then you may be pleased to know you we’ll be happy to pay you to continue doing that.

Beyond LOLing, you will be expected to apply your digital nous to help brands with genuinely remarkable digital stuff:

  1. Identify relevant online audiences who will appreciate that content and share it further
  2. Build genuine two-way relationships with bloggers, influencers & content creators within those communities
  3. Create, curate and maintain contact information on the above
  4. Outreach to these individuals as & when appropriate
  5. Track coverage, shares and active engagement that any featured editorial / referrals may generate

Are you still with me? Good. Here’s what you will need to demonstrate…

  • Fearless curiosity
  • Charisma & charm
  • Digital fluency & evidence of a ‘digital you’ (beyond Facebook)
  • Obsessive attention to detail (a love of spreadsheets would be a big plus as we use them a lot)
  • Excellent written English (and equivalent internet vernacular)
  • An appreciation of aesthetics
  • A love of ‘Breaking Bad’, The Oatmeal, Die Antwoord (NB: these are not essential but highly recommended)

What we’ll offer in return:

  • A fun environment that is creative, fast-moving and inspirational
  • The opportunity to work with some of the most dynamic brands & creative agencies in the industry. Too many to list but check our work on the website …we’ll be expecting a POV on that when we meet you
  • A team of people who will support your professional development
  • Flexibility to work in either the Bristol or London office
  • Unlimited tea, toast and biscuits; dark chocolate hobnobs to be specific (we don’t mess about when it comes to snacks)

So if this floats your rubber dinghy, get in touch here