May 4, 2010

New internet meme anyone?

This week’s NMA UGC viral video chart has drawn attention to the ‘Gap Yah’ student phenomenon, which appears to be turning into a fully-fledged internet meme.

There’s a good chance we all knew someone at school or University who joined that well trodden path to somewhere like Thailand or Burma and went on a “kinda spiritual, cultural, political exchange” journey. Perhaps you went yourself and met a nauseating ‘Gap Yah’ student on your travels.

Our un-named hero created by London-based comedy troupe The Unexpected Items is a public schoolboy. We know this because he boasts in fruity tones in the video below to his Fulham-based friend Tarquin about being moved by poverty in Tanzania and becoming awestruck by dawn breaking over the Andes.

You can watch posh boy’s latest exploits in the video below, which has gone straight in at 4 in this week’s UGC chart, with almost 13,000 shares across Facebook and Twitter.

It’s interesting to note that the most shared video in the UGC chart this week is a video that also mocks posh people, namely Prime Minister-elect David Cameron.

As we face the prospect of a government headed by ex-Bullingdonites, perhaps ‘Gap Yah’ student is a sign of deep seated anxiety among some that the UK is on the brink of being run by Eton’s 6th form college.