August 15, 2008

Mummy, what’s a viral?

Steve McLaren is viral, that’s what.

In an age of increasing video clutter, it’s sometimes hard to see what is truly viral. If we’re looking for a film that is creating huge buzz with no ad spend behind it then we have to keep our eyes peeled….

Yesterday morning one of Team Rubber forwarded us a link to a video of Steve McLaren, former England football manager, giving an interview in a dutchified pigeon English that is excruciatingly embarrassing but also brilliantly funny (Schmoke and a pancake anyone?)

When the film first hit the office the youtube counter was at 12,000. 24 hours later and it has been featured on Capital FM by Jonny Vaughan and 5Live breakfast and is onto 160,000 views. We look forward to Soccer AM’s treatment of it on Saturday morning!

No ad spend, no PR, no press release and it will go down as one of the greatest football virals ever! Watch those views go up…

How do you say…errr…Schteve McLayren?