December 21, 2010

Most viral brands of 2010 [infographic]

2010 has definitely been a great year for brands going viral. After a relatively slow start to year with only the Old Spice campaign adding any spice to the digital marketing sphere, things hotted up around the World Cup with Nike’s Write the Future campaign and then continued strongly throughout the rest of the year with Gillette’s Roger Federer trick shot viral and peaking with DC Shoe’s Gymkhana series.

One of the most interesting insights we’ve pulled out of our Viral Brand Chart infographic is the near trebling of Facebook shares in the second half of the year (in comparison with the first half), and the associated increase in *average-views-per-viral* accordingly – meaning that if now your campaign goes *viral* it’s more likely to sustain its virality for longer due to the wider extent of sharing within Facebook.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this infographic – which is based on weekly data from Rubber Republic’s Viral Ad Network. And if you’d like any more info, we’re @Rubber_Republic


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