June 5, 2013

Midweek Meow.

I’m Jess and I’m taking over the Rubber Republic blog whilst here on work experience this week.

Of all the sophistiCATS Rubber Republic are familiar with, Choupette Lagerfeld (the feline friend of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld) has to be our favourite. With a lifestyle most normal people aspire to; personal maids, regular table setting next to Lagerfeld, it is Choupette’s pervasive online presence which sets her apart from other members of the animal community.

Choupette’s Twitter following of 28,316 gives her online personality widespread exposure, with Choupette tweeting moral questions such as ‘Is it time to forgive & forget John Galliano’s transgressions?’ and providing important social commentary, ‘Did @KimKardashian take a nod from The Sound of Music last night and stitch her MetGala dress from curtains?’ MEOW.

Rubber Republic are particularly impressed with Choupette’s skill with the iPad. While many struggle with touch-screen technology, Choupette is clearly at ease and is reportedly a fan of Delib’s Budget Simulator.

Choupette’s small size gives her the edge when it comes to gaining access to the most exclusive shoots and events, seemingly being everywhere and nowhere at the same time.