February 1, 2008

Michel Gondry’s viral publicity machine rolls into town

Something Rubber Republic is itching to see is Michel Gondry’s latest film Be Kind. Rewind launched next month, not least of all because of its excellent online (and offline) pre-launch publicity.

The film’s premise takes user-generated content to whole new level as Jack Black & Mos Def have to re-film the shop’s entire catalogue after it’s destroyed by an overly magnetic Black. Recreating these films is a process called Swede-ing – or as Black’s character explains “it’s putting you into the things you like. The website takes this idea one stage further and encourages visitors to rebuild or ‘swede’ the world wide web.

In this post-ironic-life-imitating-art age that we live in there’s already a proliferation of postings on YouTube . There’s even mention of a real life Be Kind. Rewind video store

Let’s hope the film’s as good as the marketing