August 24, 2007

Metro newspaper fall for viral stunt

You’ve gotta love viral marketing. An ordinary woman puts her 18-month-old baby in her bullet-proof buggy invention, opens fire with an automatic rifle, and then retrieves the baby unharmed.

On sale by the fictitious company Bulletproof Baby are a wide selection of goods for the paranoid parents such as “My First Riot Helmet” (in which a testimonial claims saved their baby from being hit in a baseball game). Conveniently all their goods are out of stock so you’ll have to make do with their not-so-bulletproof Cafepress gear.

Hate to rain on anyone’s parade but the video is clearly staged (and if it wasn’t child protection surely would’ve said something by now) – the site is actually a great marketing campaign for forthcoming Clive Owen movie “Shoot-Em-Up.” Yet Metro newspaper were either heavily bribed or just a bit naive by running an article deeming the whole stunt true. Surely the “Copyright Shoot ‘Em Up Holdings” on the BPB website gave it away. But still, check out the staged shooting here