June 8, 2010

Memes of the Month – Kitten Camp Playlist

Cats of the Month

Cool Cat

Maru 2
The best of this famous “box surprise” cat was released last month with a few new added tricks:

Video Memes

Best Cry Ever

Originally this guy was filmed crying on “Intervention” which is an American TV show.

Handed over to the internet it was then brutally remixed – here’s a Lost finale reaction but our favourite is this autotune remix:

And on that (autotuned) note, Auto-Tune The News named their 5 best unintentional singers:

Light Stop Motion

Visually stunning stuff we first noticed being used to create a magical forest but it’s really taken our eye in this explosive extravaganza:

Uplifting Flash Mobs

Flash mobs certainly aren’t fresh for this month but if their aim is to bring people together, give them something to do and make the viewer feel uplifted then this is full of win – I implore you not to smile 🙂

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping means that nothing’s now safe from the grasps of digital media – not even a 500 year old Castle. The equivalent of 3-D graffiti, Projection Mapping allows creatives to use the built-environment as their canvass and visually take-over whole buildings – meaning they can destroy, re-build and destroy again in a blink of an eye. In the last month there’s been an explosion of brands starting to use Projection Mapping to create immersive stunts on famous landmarks. The most impressive examples have been by Samsung’s take-over of a building in Amsterdam , and (our favourite) AC/DCs take-over of Rochester Castle for the launch of their Iron Man collaboration below:

And whilst on Iron Man, another one of Patrick Boivin’s animations entered the internet hall of fame last month:

Bedroom YouTubers

Particularly ones that comment on internet culture….

Epic Proposals

Thinking of popping the question but running out of ideas? These dudes have got your back:


Car Rap Ads

Star Wars Mashups

iPad briefing

Star Wars canteen

Picture Memes

Peter Crouch Can Do Anything

Here’s one for the WC. One of the photos shot during a match showed Crouch landing awkwardly after an unsuccessful attempt at volleying David Beckham’s right wing cross, which quickly became fodder for Internet exploitables. It is also known as “Peter Crouch Can Do Anything” (via knowyourmeme).








Pithy Footy Player Puns

The Best of Aaron Lemon

Celeb Literal Last Names via Something Awful

Ozzy Oz-born

Kate Moss

Halle Berry

Other notable picture memes which took our eye include Sad Keanu and animated album artwork.

Wrong Gig Drummer

A song about a meme which is also a meme