December 8, 2010

Manky #KittenCamp 2

So the odds were against us: there was Man United vs Valencia playing @ Old Trafford, #SMC_MCR doing there thing @ BBC Manchester and then there was lil old #KittenCamp @ Bar Common. But, there was only going to be one winner: the almighty Maru (aka king of the kitten memes) special guesting @ Manky#KittenCamp.

As usual #KittenCamp served up a selection of the month’s most tasty memes, topped with a supa-awesome guest spot from David Edmundson-Bird (@GrooveGenerator) from Manchester Met Uni – who gave a hugely awesome run down of the history of meme, given from the perspective of an early B3TA community member and meme-activist.

Amongst the most insightful aspects of David’s talk was his narration of the meteoric rise of the UK meme after 9/11, and the role that Staus Quo (or Teh Quo) played in the growth of UK meme. I also loved his discussion of the “demise of meme” too – though I hope #KittenCamp isn’t implicit in this demise.

As always thanks to@RebeccaWho for helping organise #KittenCamp and the guys @common_bar for the awesome venue.

’til next time Manky#KittenCampers . . .