February 15, 2021

New Work: Make My Money Matter – Valentine’s Day


For many people, a pension will become the biggest lump of money they ever have, and it’s left in one place for decades. If that place is an oil companies share portfolio (which for most default pensions part of it is) or an arms company’s bank account (which is also almost invariably in the mix) then whatever great stuff you do in your day to day, you could be outweighing it by funding and profiting from CO2 emissions and wars.

Why let your pension do the dirty on you when it’s your money and you can put it where you want?There are more and more ethical options becoming available. You don’t lose any money (as investing in a future in which we’re not all dead is increasingly, strangely, understood to make financial sense and in fact can have better returns).

1: First step is to ask your pension provider where your money is.
2: Second step is to ask them to move it out of things you don’t like and into things you do.
3: Third step, if they can’t, is to move to a pension provider who can!

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