May 9, 2007

Mailing list size: is bigger better?

ClickZ reports that CBS online are slimming down their emailing list by removing “passive recipients.”

This decision is based on the beliefs that large mail-outs can be damaging for a brand’s image and that efforts are better expended on the more engaged, active recipients.

To improve the quality of their list, on April 23, CBS SportsLine notified opt-in subscribers of its program guide newsletter, called “This Week on CBS,” that they would stop receiving the mailing unless they took an active step to re-subscribe by April 30. It was a one-time mailing, and those who didn’t reply to it by the deadline were removed.

Another firm, marketing agency Future Now, recently “wiped out” its database of 40,000 e-mail addresses. saying that the move was driven by a desire to emphasize audience engagement over volume.

Patrick Herde of CBS said”Now that I’ve cleaned up the subscription list and I’m going to put out a much better content product, I can reallocate those dollars and focus on growing that list again… even winning back our old subscribers.”