May 15, 2012

Magic ‘Tate’ Ball



Now this has been worth waiting for. Over a year if the truth be told, but ‘All good things etc….”

Our good friends (and erstwhile Rubber cohorts) Thought Den have just launched the Magic Tate Ball app available on both iOS and Ovi store.

The app itself is both a thing of beauty and bringer of beautiful things. It ‘analyses’ your phone’s incoming data (GPS / time of day / weather / ambient noise) and then suggests a work of art from the Tate’s collection that best matches that specific moment. I got Peter Blake’s ‘Tuesday’ (above) while Tiff is currently enjoying Richard Long, another Bristolian.

The video below shows it in action:


We are delighted to be seeding this gorgeous app and even more chuffed to see early coverage it is deservedly getting.

The ‘Magic Tate Ball’ is the third of the recent Tate apps which included the award-winning Tate Trumps and Race Against Time