April 17, 2007

Lego goes fully virtual

Iconic toy manufacturer Lego is partnering with independent MMO game developer, NetDevil, to develop a MMOG based on the Lego building blocks toys. No deal terms were disclosed. The two companies have declined to outline exactly how the game will work, but industry sources believe it will be a game in a similar vein to the ubiquitous ‘Second Life’, allowing users to socially interact and construct their own in-game objects and content using virtual Lego bricks.

The game is aimed at both children and older online gamers, with Lego saying the virtual world will have a strong emphasis on safety and fun. NetDevil was probably chosen as the development partner due to its previous experience with destructible in-game environments, techniques that would be used to mimic the building and re-building of Lego objects. “We are developing new and engaging ways for them [children] to interact with our brand,” says Lego Group executive Lisbeth Valther Pallesen.