May 29, 2012

#KittenCamp round-up – May Digital Shoreditch special

What up, LOLhunters,

Thanks to all for coming to #KittenCamp May Digital Shoreditch special. What a great night!

More pictures here

And here’s what went down:

Epic meme battling commenced with Meme Master Meow taking on a new LOLPuppy challenger in the form of Ruby Quince (list of videos below)

Rich Coggin from AIS London gave a great talk about the alternate reality game that they made for boyband 1 Direction, followed by an equally brilliant talk from Kate Miltner of Jam about her dissertation on LOLCats ( and ROFLcon

An awesome meme mega-mix from DJ Stoney, featuring a whole host of great tracks (playlist coming soon!)

Next KittenCamp will be LOLYMPICS-themed, happening early July, watch this space for details.

Keep up-to-date with the most-watched vids with our newly-launched Viral Chart on The Drum website – this week Will Smith is at the top, rapping the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with Gary Barlow on keyboard… mega-lolz


See you soon, kitten friends! Don’t forget to stay in touch 😉

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Cat round

Kitteh Kitteh dreams

Cat vs Rat


Brett Domino’s Google Moog cover of Daft Punk

Sweet Brown remix


Peugeot vs Nonstop

Original Nonstop vid here

K-Swiss Kenny Powers


Painful Cake

Gran vs Airplane


Beastie Boys vs Sesame Street