March 24, 2011

#KittenCamp NYC – obligatory round-up blog

The #KittenCamp motorcade rolled into a snowy New York last night, to play to a packed audience of #KittenCampers @ the *snug* KGB Bar in the East Village.

The event kicked off with a *meme battle* between ElspethJane (representing USA) and MemeMasterMeow (representing team GB). When ElspethJane pulled out her trump LOL *The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger*, MemeMasterMeow had nothing better than a *Seal roll* left in his tank – so had to cede victory and the all important *Standing Cat Cup* to the USA.

The evening nicely rounded off with an awesome meme-show from the MemeFactory – give donations to their upcoming crowd-funded book here – and an epic show-and-tell from John Burkhart on his Urgent Genius project – sign up to the next *Royal Weekender* here.

Huge thanks for everyone who came along + apologies for those who couldn’t get in. A bigger venue is definitely in order for next time . . . And of course big thanks to the guys from McCann NY and the Viral Ad Network for funding the evening’s beer 😉

+ to keep in touch with #KittenCamp antics, follow us on Facebook. ‘Til next time . . .

The Standing Cat Cup (now proudly owned by ElspethJane)

Standing Cat Cup

CrazyAss Honey Badger


KittenCamp New York 2