September 22, 2011

#KittenCamp fame + London round-up

#KittenCamp has finally found fame – thanks to our friends at BBC Click. Back in July, the BBC Click team popped down to #KittenCamp HQ in Soho to do a feature on memes, and set a challenge to see if they could turn a video of a squirrel into a meme (with the help of Joel Veitch from Rathergood).

You can watch the outcome here on BBC Technology . . .

In other #KittenCamp news, this September’s event was pretty darn awesome as usual. Along with the usual meme-battle, featuring a selection of the best memes from the last month (which I won – again!), we had guest speaker Jack Arbuthnott from Scott Free Films (part of Ridley Scott’s empire) to talk about Life in a Day – the YouTube feature film.

Jack gave some brilliant insight into the making of the film, that involved over 80,000 YouTubers around the world uploading 1000’s of hours of video documenting a day in their life, all of which was then edited together under the guidance of Director Kevin McDonald into a hugely compelling and engaging feature film. You can check out the trailer for the film below, and see the film on the BBC at the end of October:

Also, if you missed this month’s #KittenCamp, here’s a taster of some of the videos we showed:

Chuck Testa Taxidermy:

Jedi Kittens:

Indomitable Bus Driver:

Michael and Sven:

To get a ticket for either the next London or Bristol #KittenCamps, check out #KittenCamp’s online HQ.