February 21, 2011

#KittenCamp London playlist

Kitten vs plastic fortress

“Firefox has encountered a problem with windows”

Epic gorilla man

Dead Island trailer [original]

Dead Island trailer [reverse remix with sound FX]

Justin Bieber U Smile (original)

Justin Bieber U Smile slowed down 800%

(thanks to Nick Pittsinger, Florida based musician)

Justin Bieber U Smile sped up 800%

Justin Bieber U Smile sped up 80,000%

Justin Bieber gets shot

Just Bieber vs Chuck Norris

Justin Bieber in Saving Private Ryan

Justin Bieber gets killed by Jean Claude Van Damme

Minecraft (game play explanation)

Minecraft (live action)

Awkward moment

Vodaphone Double Rainbow

Super-bowl ads – VW the Force

Yoda strikes back

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

Beyonce re-mix


Crunk Lotus re-mix

Benny Hill of limbs

Thank you 😉 From @Rubber_Republic and @ViralAdNetwork