November 28, 2010

#KittenCamp London: kittens, comedy and meme-tales

#KittenCamp kicked off 6 months ago back in May – on the same night David Cameron became Prime Minister I donned my cat suit and curated our inaugural meme-fest. Since then #KittenCamp’s gained some great momentum, as we’ve toured the country (London, Bristol, Manchester) cat suit and bags of memes in tow.

Our event last Monday was particularly fun. We delivered our usual mix of the month’s *awesome* memes, however it was the contributions by our special guests that particularly made the event. Huge thanks to Will from BBC Comedy for curating the BBC’s work in the space of online comedy + also thanks to James for doing a first reading of his #KittenCamp-inspired short story about meme called “The Day the memes ran out”.

Check out the full story on Scribd here, or watch a snippet of the meme-reading here:

Thanks everyone who came, and if you’d like to keep up to date with future #KittenCamp shenanigans check out our Facebook page. Our last #KittenCamp of the year will be taking place in Manchester next Tuesday (7th December) – so sign-up for a ticket if you’re around!

And finally, we’re looking for a new meme-loving-superstar, so if you love memes and are looking for a new job drop us a note (job description and application process here)