July 20, 2011

Buttery Biscuity #KittenCamp

Last night’s #KittenCamp went off with a purr and a bang yet again – mostly thanks to our stupendously awesome list of *special guests* supporting my furry meme-curation.

Up first we had our bombastic *meme-battle* between Meme-Master-Meow (me) and the LOL Puppy (aka Baz Pilling). I’m pleased to say that I humiliated the LOL Puppy with a 4-3 win (having been 3-0 down after the first three rounds) and retain the Standing Cat Cup for yet another month.

After the chaos of our Meme-battle, came the genius (and mild insanity) of our special guests. Joel Veitch of Rathergood and dancing badger fame was our first guest speaker – giving us a brief history of his meme-awesomeness. Joel’s been a stalwart of the UK meme-scene for the last 10 years or so, so it was v.interesting to get insights into his work – and to see how he made a rocket from bacon.
Joel vietch & kitten at #kittencamp
Jakob from Mother was up next, giving us some super-interesting insights into their Ikea Cats ad from last year, followed by Kate from Work Club who did an equally insightful talk about their *Human API* campaign for Ballantines.
Ikea cats at #kittencamp
As always the evening was finished off with a masterful meme-master-mix from @DJStoney. Huge thanks to everyone for coming along and LOL-ing, and also thanks to the BBC who came along to film the event for an upcoming #KittenCamp special film 😉

[obligatory cheezy BBC interview photo with the lovely @LJRich]

Me doing BBC interview dressed as a cat

And, to wrap things up, here’s a quick selection of the best memes of the night [led by the most awesome *Buttery Biscuit Bass* from Swede Mason]

– Medal of Honor Cat (Freddie Wong at his best)

– Hackgate the Movie

– Clark Retirement Community Lip dub

– Nyan Cat Smooth Jazz Cover