March 6, 2008

JVC Euroball Storms The Net!

Wednesday 5th March marked 100 days until the kick off to the Euro 2008 championships. To help build the suspension and dry those non-qualifying bleary British eyes, we’re proud to announce (now with 99 days to go) the launch of our campaign for JVC, EUROBALL!

Euroball is as nostalgic as it is addictive and as kitsch as it is tricky. Euroball takes you back to those playground days, for a spot of tabletop penny football and it’s more chalk and lunchboxes than jumpers for goalposts. You can play as any of the qualified teams in a number of locations from greasy spoons to beerhalls to cafes, with glove puppet cheerleaders and referees and tabletop paraphernalia as obstacles; What more could a lad ask for?! The most dedicated Euroballers, i.e. those with the highest scores, stand the chance of winning tickets to the games of their choice during the summer tournament. So get flicking!

We’re not the only ones that love it, click here to check out the Euroball buzz from the industry press in Brand Republic.

Now all we have to do is shout “Come on you Engl…” …oh