Many skilled hands make light work. Let’s do this together

To overcome the challenges the world faces it’s clear business needs to change.
To do this we need to apply the same creativity to the way we run our businesses, as to what we do with them.
We are trying out new ways of working to prioritise IMPACT, RESILIENCE and COLLABORATION.
There are many ways of working with us, and we’re actively trialling newer, fairer ways to collaborate with other creatives, companies, or organisations in pursuit of impact and excellence.
If you want to make a positive impact on the world, and what we’re trying to do sounds of interest, GET IN TOUCH.

Core Team

Matt Golding

Founder / Creative Director / Film Director

Tiffany Maddox

Senior Creative / Creative Director / Film Director

Corwin Bainbridge

Head of Production / Senior Producer

Andy Parkhouse

Non-Exec Director

Alex Shand


Admin team

Kimberly Irons, Tracey Matthews, Jayne King, and Lorna Moir.


Professor Colin Davis – Professor of Psychology University of Bristol
Professor Martin Parker – Lead of the inclusive economy department, University of Bristol
Sara Bender – Strategist & Creative Thinker
Paddy Loughman – Brand Strategist
Ben Akers – Filmmaker & Creative Director
Tyrone Probert – Biomaterials & Recycled Plastics Product Designer/Producer
Laura Swinton – Journalist
Ben Templeton – Games & Playful Experiences Designer
Al Kennedy – Business Designer
Greenhouse PR – PR masterminds
Stephanie Rosilio – Executive Coach & Events Director
Mike Kelly – Senior Business Advisor

Let’s help the world.