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Core Team

Matt Golding

Founder / Creative Director / Film Director

Tiffany Maddox

Senior Creative / Creative Director / Film Director

Corwin Bainbridge

Head of Production / Senior Producer

Andy Parkhouse

Non-Exec Director

Alex Shand


Admin team

Kimberly Irons, Tracey Matthews, Jayne King, and Lorna Moir.

Our Partners

Professor Colin Davis – Professor of Psychology University of Bristol
Sara Bender – Strategist & Creative Thinker
Ben Akers – Filmmaker & Creative Director
Ali Rowe – Creative Producer
Tyrone Probert – Bioplastics Product Designer
Laura Swinton – Journalist
Paddy Loughman – Brand Strategist
Rhys Pritchard – Sustainability Professional
Ben Templeton – Games & Playful Experiences Designer
Al Kennedy – Business Designer
Wonderland PR – PR Wunderkind
Stephanie Rosilio – Executive Coach & Events Director
Clare Reddington – Super-Connector
Mike Kelly – Senior Business Advisor

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