Hi James,

Thanks for coming to visit! We wanted to share some of our work that we thought you’d enjoy and could be relevant to Toast.

1) Bee Hotel – Taylors Of Harrogate


We got the Internet buzzing about fruit tea when we launched this campaign for Taylors that focussed on an issue we knew their audience was passionate about. Sustainable food and bee conservation. We created the strategy and brought in collaborators from reading University and The Bumblebee conservation trust to bring research and legitimacy. The end result was a film that clocked up 2.2 million views, 23,000 shares and a whole hive of media coverage including The Telegraph & The Metro. We even got a hat tip from Greenpeace.

2) Junk Food Wine Pairing – Studio


Our latest studio film “Junk Food Wine Pairing” was born from a desire to leave food snobbery in the bin where it belongs and treat the most maligned food on earth with a bit more love and tenderness. Pairing deep-fried Mars bars with sweet Spanish sherry, and kebabs with luscious Amarone, this comedic film was a passion project designed to celebrate the joys of eating and drinking in all forms.

3) 82 Year Old Rebel – Studio


Meet Phil Kingston, an 82-year-old superhero who’s been arrested 8 times in the last four months for good reason. We met Phil Kingston out on the streets (seemingly his native habitat), and felt we had to capture his irrepressible energy and important message.

Phil formed the group ‘Grandparents for a safe earth’ which is a bit like his own ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ with other elders who want to ensure their grandchildren inherit a hospitable planet, before teaming up with Extinction Rebellion for a string of protests.

The video clocked up over 500,000 organic views and encouraged urgent conversation about protest, mobilising, and protecting the future of our planet.

4) Showreel

We’re doing big things in 2020, including working with more brands who are actively doing good things in the world, and we’d love to meet you and find out if there’s a way we can collaborate.

To see a bit more of our journey and understand where we’ve been and where we’re headed now check out our latest reel.

Let’s do something amazing.