November 5, 2009

Is YouTube finally figuring out how to play nicely with the content creators?

YouTube has been more foe than friend to big media for some time now, but recent moves have suggested that the tide is turning.

After taking media owners by surprise, and then attempting to do business with them unsuccessfully, there are now signs that YouTube is beginning to figure out an approach that works for some.

Last month, Channel 4 struck a deal with YouTube, in which the broadcaster will reach a larger audience as TV audiences fragment, while sharing sought after ad revenue those eyeballs generate with YouTube.

Hot on the heels of Channel 4 is actor and comedian Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die website, which will now share its content with the Google-owned video-sharing website.

The partnership looks like a win-win situation for both parties, with YouTube increasing its number of premium content creators and Funny or Die able to generate more cash from its content.

For viral practitioners, more subscribers on YouTube is great, but it would also be good to see the increase in this type of premium content leading to more diverse, engaged communities across the site.

Here’s a clip of Ferrell announcing the move …