May 17, 2010

Is this a J.J. Abrams easter egg?

Picture 4

I loved the viral marketing campaign for Cloverfield almost as much as the film itself. The buzz around the first teaser trailer, in which you glimpsed the Cloverfield monster passing between New York skyscrapers sent movie fans into speculation overdrive.

Following the excellent Star Trek, Abrams is back once again with what appears to be an Area 51 alien/s landing on Earth movie.

Like Cloverfield, the first trailer for Super 8 teases the viewer without giving too much away, cleverly building anticipation. I’ve watched it a few times and noticed an almost subliminal image which flashes very quickly on screen before the creds appear.

Having spent arguably more time than is healthy trying to get the YouTube player to pause at the right moment, I was finally able to screen grab the image.

If you look closely, it appears to depict an alien head with two hollow eyes and a large mouth just to the left of centre in the top half of the image. Or perhaps the video has exceeded in activating my imagination. Either way it’s a great movie marketing trick, something that Abrams has become renowned for.

Take a look for yourself (above) and let us know if you agree. You can watch the video in full at NMA’s viral video chart.