July 21, 2010

Introducing Postr

I’ve invented a thing called “Postr”.

How does it work?
I write something interesting and useful on a 2″ sticky note and send it to you by post. Character limit: whatever fits (not a lot, unless I write teeny-tiny).

Coming soon:
– Postr Pro – uses Royal Mail Special Delivery, guaranteed before 12pm next day.
– Postr Mobile – using pigeons.
– Postr Lite – smaller sticky notes, and I don’t bother mailing them to you. I just write them, then put them in the shredder.
– Postr API – allows you to slice and dice postr for mashups, archiving, integration with other services etc. To get started, signup for our developer kit (developer kit contains scissors, tape, pritstick).

Postr is currently in private beta. To signup, send a stamped self-adddressed envelope (SAE) to ‘Postr’, 35 King Street, Bristol, BS1 4DZ.

Latest feature: ‘repost’. Share *my* thoughts with *your* friends. Simply pop the sticky note in a new envelope and send it to the friend of your choice. Want to send it to more than one person? Ask the first one to pass it on when they’re done.