September 15, 2017

Improving our energy usage

A while back, we talked about our energy usage and getting better at monitoring it – with a view to improving/decreasing our usage over time.

As far as we can tell, it’s not actually going to be all that easy to reduce how much energy we use (at least, not without entirely changing our business to, say, basket-weaving). We’ve already switched to a 100% renewable electricity supplier. We kind of need laptops to do our job – so no getting away from that – but we shut everything off as often as possible, make sure we don’t leave our edit machines running overnight, all that sort of thing. We use carbon offsetting for our flights for shoots; we’ve got water and energy and recycling policies to try and minimise wasteful usage in the first place; we all enjoy wearing jumpers and sitting in the dark.  To be fair, we could probably drink less tea (kettles are, apparently, a prime offender when it comes to energy inefficiency…)

But then, that’s the point of a target, right? To set a goal that you aim for, to see if you can make it – and to figure out what does or doesn’t make a difference towards achieving it.

So we’ve given ourselves a target of reducing our energy usage by 2% in the next year. It might not sound like much but 1) percentages stack up quickly! and 2) we think it’s tough enough to force us to think carefully and creatively about what we might do to reduce our energy usage still further. We’ll revisit the figures every so often to see how we’re doing, and we’ll conduct a full review at the end of the year. In the meantime, if anyone’s got any genius ideas for creative ways to save energy, let us know!