March 29, 2010

iFeatures final 6!

So we’re in the final 6 of the fantastic iFeatures scheme in Bristol. Phew, and thanks to lots of hard work from writer Carol Noble and producer Nick Pitt. Our film “The Bristol Job” will tell the story of an 11 year old girl who frustrated at her family’s poverty (exacerbated by her father losing his job at the Keynsham Cadburies plant) faces the prospect of not being able to afford her final school trip, so decides to rob a bank with her two best mates. Its a heist movie with a difference.

You can keep up with “The Bristol Job” team blog here.

You can follow our heroine Billie Diamond on twitter here or click on the image below.


You can see the other finalists here. I didn’t intend to be quite so prominent in this photo. But it appears I am.