May 6, 2020

I Promise Myself

What do you promise you will do differently when this is all over?

None of us could have imagined we would be here 3 months ago, but in the same way that we all eventually slot back into the daily grind after a long holiday, in 6 months time, will you remember what this moment feels like?

We’re creating a documentary about how people are coping during this pandemic, and how it feels to live in this moment.

To take part all you have to do is film yourself answering these ten questions (remember to introduce yourself first, and explain who and where you are 🙂

  1. How has the pandemic and lockdown made you feel?
  2. What do you hope you’ll do more of after this is over and what will you appreciate more? 
  3. What things you used to do might now feel wrong?
  4. What do you hope you’ll let go completely after this is over?
  5. How have your feelings about your community changed?
  6. Have you been surprised by anything people have done together to respond, and why?
  7. Do you agree with all the lockdown restrictions, or not, and why?
  8. Have you wanted to help any people or groups, and have you acted on it?
  9. Has this moment changed how you feel about nature and the outdoors?
  10. Is there anything you want to promise to yourself you will do differently after this is over? Something this moment has helped you realise, and you hope will change how you behave? Please answer this final question as “I promise myself I will…(and then your answer).

Once you’re done, send the clip (as high quality as possible) to or to +447731625854 . We’ve had some people saying they need a little more time so we’re aiming to collect all clips by Friday 22nd May 2020.

Any questions contact or 

For tips on filming yourself visit click the link here.

All contributions used will be credited. THANK YOU and let’s see if we can help ourselves build back a better world!