February 21, 2010

How to make Mac Keynote presentations smaller? Top tip – Default to JPEG…

Is your Keynote programme being a big fat c**k?

At Team Rubber most of us use Mac’s all day every day. Ever use the Shift + Apple + 4 screenshot function? We all do. Ever noticed how sometimes Keynote presentations suddenly inflate in size to make you think “Have I accidentally embedded the Beatles back catalog?”.

Well this seems to be one of those ridiculous quirks of macs. It seems to be because the screenshots on a mac create PNG files. And when you embed PNG files in Keynote they for some reason become huge. Upwards of 30Mb. Bit rude to e-mail.

So the solution is to make your mac take screenshots as JPEG’s. And its really easy.

1: Go to Application -> Utilities and open Terminal.

2: Copy and paste this line of code (minus the arrows) in and hit enter.

>> defaults write type jpg

3: Restart your computer.

Voila – your computer takes screenshots as JPEGs and Keynote stops being such a c**k = <10Mb presentations.