April 8, 2020

How to keep creative in self-isolation

Is it Monday or is it Tuesday? Have you accidentally skipped a weekend? If you had to think about the answers to the questions above, one might assume this is your first rodeo into the sometimes glorious/sometimes frustrating world of self-isolation. 

If you are experiencing any of the following predicaments; lack of motivation, an overwhelming sense of doom and loss of a constructive schedule, well done! You have passed the first hurdle, but now it’s time to move into a new, more creative and productive version of yourself. 

We at Rubber Republic are using this as an opportunity to be as creative and productive as we can, so we can emerge from our pillow forts blinded by the sun but knowing that we made some awesome work. So here are three top tips on how you can use this time creatively. 

1) Make a designated space to be creative. Working from home can be distracting and difficult at the best of times, so creating a comforting space is vital to getting those creative juices pumping. This space can be minimal, cute or messy, just take time to build your space to what you think works for you. 

2) Build and learn new skills! Now that we have all the time in the world, it is the perfect opportunity to start developing new skills to boost your creativity. Don’t have the equipment at home? Adobe has released its creative cloud suite for free online for two months, and Logic Pro X and Final Cut X are free for 90 days.

3) Create for the greater good! Been furloughed and watched all of Tiger King? The World Health Organisation has put a call out to creatives to create glossy COVID-19 visuals to inform and educate others surrounding the pandemic.

Some creative inspiration!

Remember Brexit? Personally we miss moaning about it and can’t wait to do so again. Here is a simple craft you can do in your own home to express your opinions on that future shitstorm.

Last year when the world was a little bit more rosy, we spoke to the ever inspiring creative dynamo Gav Strange about motivation, creative education and his own process!