June 21, 2010

How Henry the Hoover turned video star

I grew up with Henry. He was there on my first day at school. He was there when I graduated. Henry’s become like a brother to me. A brother with a massive schnozz and a passion for cleaning. And because of this love, I’m pretty excited to see Henry *going viral* and becoming an internet star. Henry’s moving from no longer being a plain old workman-like vacuum cleaner, to becoming a full on internet-powered celeb – placing him in the same celeb cleaning league (and maybe beyond) as Kim and Aggie.

Yet, it’s important to understand where Henry came from and who’s been behind Henry’s meteoric rise through the ranks of cleaning celebdom. The main driving force has been kids – kids with cameras, who’ve filmed their own Henry stories and then shared these on YouTube.

Henry’s also had a boost of interest through the roving London Tube busker, who’s turned Henry into a music star.

In recent months Henry’s hit the big time, and gone a bit more mainstream due to a BBC sketch . . .

The bit I love about Henry from a marketing perspective is that he’s a truly socially awesome product. A product that people just can’t help smiling at and sharing stories about. The device that has turned Henry from plain old cleaner to social media star is absurdly simple – a smilie face. Yet it works. A big question for Henry’s father (a company called Numatic) is how they can make the most of Henry’s social awesomeness and amplify the Henry brand building on what kids across the country have been doing in their bedrooms . . .