January 28, 2019

Hello from the other side | Rubber Bullet, Jan 2019

This is an emergency dose of curated internet content with a strong dose of hilarity and intrigue. Side effects may include rib-tickling giggles and deep ponderous thought, just in time to soothe the pain of turbulent British politics. 

Bad Lip Reading targets the Silicon Valley’s elite by lampooning the recent Apple iPhone keynote.

Hilarious edit of the supreme pillock Jacob Rees-Mogg shows that there is not much difference between himself and Snoop Dogg.

Simone Giertz and Kari Byron will (literally) blow your mind with this incredible video made in collaboration with Google. 

Great Big Story present a short documentary into the dark secrets of the Sea Monkeys craze.

The Slow Mo Guys return with a fascinating and aesthetically pleasing video about the human eye. 

Here is an opportunity to watch the most talked about music video of the decade if you haven’t already. (What are you doing?!)

And something new from us! A roundup of the most confusing moments of 2018 with Confused. A visually stunning video ranging from Space X to Kanye West.

Internet News

You’ve probably seen Gillette’s new ad campaign tackling issues of toxic masculinity and the immense backlash it has received. To summarise Vice have created a handy response to the backlash.

Apple is expected to aggressively pursue their own streaming service at some point this year. To achieve this, they have partnered with the incredible Sofia Coppola and A24 and we can’t be any more excited!

Goodbye for now!

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