November 15, 2007 campaign reaches 2 million views

We launched the Kensington Report a few months back as part of a campaign to help launch US broadband channel into the UK.

The campaign’s now had nearly 2 million views + many many plaudits from the web community – which is nice!

One key thing this emphasises from our perspective is the role good quality advertainment can play in the advertising space online. In the US brands and publishers are whole heartedly embracing this model – with people like Michael Eisner (ex Disney CEO) launching his online content studio Vuguru – and producing series like Prom Queen (an 80 show internet series).

The UK ad industry will catch up soon – however, as always we’re the ones being led by the bold innovators on the West Coast of America, and endlessly buying banner ads when we should be out their making great content and entertaining the good people of Britain on behalf of brands