March 11, 2012

Greetings From SXSW

Well, it’s been a crazy couple of days but I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of things in Austin. According to the locals, this is the biggest SXSW had ever been and judging by the scale of things, I believe them!

It’s impossible to pack in everything you want to see (there’s just so much) but here are my highlights so far.

* Chill and The Daily What went head to head to discuss Man Vs Machine. In content curation, who does it better, the humans or the robots?

The Results:
Man, but with the help from machine. Also some very good points raised about making ads and content that influential curators will want to share, and how being an influencer comes with the weight of responsibility when it comes to finding content first, and preserving your integrity.

* Tech Karaoke
Get a load of geeks in a bar downtown and make them sing karaoke.

Highlights: The whitest man in the world singing Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio.

* Epic Meal Time – Meat is Might
‘Team Cuisine’ talk through their massive success and continued expansion throughout the web and get to the root of why they’ve succeeded in a (massively) saturated corner of digital space.

The result: Bacon. Bacon is at the root of their success.

* Catch Me If You Can: Frank Abagnale 10 Years Later
Charismatic confidence trickster talks about his life, experiences and what he’s up to now.

Result: Hoodwinked faces and two standing ovations.

If you’re not at SXSW (or are feeling overwhelmed by everything!) head over to Ogilvy notes for a consolidated list of everything that’s going on.