November 2, 2007

Green Cross Code in Buxton

Earlier this week I spoke to the National Road Safety Partnerships annual Conference in Buxton (where they make water). The idea was to show what viral marketing could contribute to the PR mix of a road safety campaign.

Interestingly, before my little skit, there was a talk from Clive Blair-Stevens from the National Social Marketing Centre who pointed out that for social marketing messages to penetrate through all the other messages pushed out to young people these days, the proposition needs to be “fun, easy and popular”. With these words ringing in their ears, I was able to show just how virals can achieve this requirement.

Being invited to speak at this event reflects a trend we’re seeing where virals are considered as a tool for raising awareness of social issues (See post about our Hepatis Film) as well as a vehicle for brands to advertise.

Posted by Kirk