July 24, 2007

Google to target casual gamers

With 1 in 4 web users playing online games, Google are making moves to deploy Adsense more strategically, reports GigaOM.

At present, games can be played with strips of adverts around the outside- the player is able to ignore the ads easily and revenue from those adverts remains low. In their “AdSense for Games” presentation at last week’s Casual Connect conference in Seattle, Google outlined plans to integrate Adsense into flash games to ensure people see them a little bit more.

As the report says, “An AdSense optimized to Flash and other game-centric platforms would mean more revenue, would mean more companies jumping into this space, would mean tremendous shifts toward an audience of casual gamers which is (as the presentation noted), upwards of 200 million. The size of this audience cannot be understated: 1 in 4 of all Web users visit gaming sites, primarily to play casual titles. So a system which monetized this usage better wouldn’t just influence the game industry, but the development and direction of the Web in general.”